About Us

   Hi and welcome to Custom 3D toys! My name is Jay and I am the owner, I have been in the additive manufacturing space since 2007 when the company I worked for bought a SLS 3D printing machine. I have since watched the technology take off and I finally took the plunge into getting one for myself. After making dozens of custom parts for my family and friends I thought I would try and share my creations and started this store in 2020. I am a mechanical designer by trade and have enjoyed using that knowledge in making toys and gifts for my loved ones. 

   I have two small children and they are the inspiration for many of the products you can find on our pages. My son adores trains and construction so we spend many hours working on his train set and coming up with new ideas on what to make next. My daughter loves to build and the custom blocks usually stem from projects she is working on.  I really think that turning off the TV/iPad are important and the memories we can make around a wooden train or toppling a duplo tower are much more meaningful. 

  I'm also personally a big Magic the Gathering fan and have created several items that I use every week in my games with friends I have listed as well. 

   If you have any questions at all reach out on Facebook or send us an email at custom3dtoys@gmail.com I would be happy with work with you on any customization options you may be interested in. Thanks for stopping by!